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The inquisitive spy!!! April 20, 2011

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I wish I could spy everyone’s heart and know what runs through it every day, I wish I could see their past , their pains , even their future by mere looking into their eyes ,My level of inquisitiveness has risen to the max .I was walking down the street someday and I saw an old man pushing plank of wood . He was so tired but he has to keep pushing. I felt his pain and really wished I could help him push. I got into my car and yet to recover from the site of the old man, I saw another Woman hawking, she looked very unhappy, and across the street was also a Young man walking like he has soldier ants in his pants, quick moves like he was being chased, you can tell that he was hurrying to his place of work.

I quietly drove home , and the first person I saw was my mum , I hugged her , I joked with her and looked into her eyes to tell her some sweet words , obviously she had missed me , she ran a quick commentary of the events have missed so far , I watched her talk and my mind raced back to all the people have seen , I moved closer to her to feel her skin , she’s getting old I muttered to myself .I looked at her from afar while she wasn’t watching , I wanted to know what was going through her mind , I wanted to know what she has vowed not to tell anyone .
Then It dawned on me that I have been on my own , in my own world all through my adventurous and inquisitive mood .But really I wanted answers to the questions so many people where wearing on their faces . I wanted to be able to tell the old man , All will be well , I wanted someone to tell me why an old man would be suffering , I wanted someone to tell me while a baby would be abandoned , I wanted to know how the idea of killing and slaughtering came up in the minds of some evil men. Am asking for so much, I should be carrying the search engine “Google|” in my hands like book. I wish I had a dollar for every heart that broken and a penny for every child hood dream that has never been realized.

I was tempted to ask God why did you created us so different , I came across a bible verse that says ” he made us a little lower than the angels ” this gave me a little sigh of relieve , but hell no , will an angel be pushing truck on the road , does an angel feel pain , does an angel know someone is hurting , why didn’t God orchestrate everyone life like prince Charles and the queen .And in my immature moments I whined, “God, do you care this hurts me?” The more I ask he less answers I get, because I had to pinch myself out of my professional asking mood, that the only person who has the answers to all the questions I have been asking is the unquestionable one. I am me , I will stay as me , I would not be 100percent present at the events that happen to another person in this life apart from me .
”But as a human that I am , and as someone who has a heart to help ,a will to solve so many problems , It was OK for me to ask questions , I realized that Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved

I sat lonely running my hands through my keyboard, someone told me a long time ago , Funmi this is your life, God knows what it’s meant to be, Know you’ve got a destiny; no more waiting to begin,if you have faith and know you’ll win, You can make it in this thing called life.

Time is of the essence & you better believe, That you can do anything, Get up follow your dreams don’t you dare give up, No matter how hard it seems you only get it once, Getting by is not enough so take a chance and live this life. How are you going to make it if you never try?
Nobody said it was gonna be easy. But you gotta do what you gotta do, Put on your best foot and step forward, Knowing that God will see you through, So when you get tired and you feel a little faint. Know somebody’s watching you and will help you on your way.
I have some questions to ask the greatest MAN when I see him someday.



2 Responses to “The inquisitive spy!!!”

  1. Well written article and it touches on some serious issues. But i want to say that we are responsible for how we want our lives to be in the sense that God has given us opportunities to make our lives better and it depends on you and i to use it.
    If you know the thoughts on everyone’s mind you will run out of your skin. So let do what we can and leave the rest for God to take care of.

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