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Wired for passion! July 13, 2011

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My problem is, I have a hard time writing unless my heart is exploding. Okay, maybe not exploding, but feeling intensely. This becomes a bit of a hassle, because ninety percent of the time am busy, but I love to write

My guess is that the same is true of so many writers . Do you have a few things that you do just because you love them? Do they make you feel awake, as if today’s your first day and you’re sensing everything afresh? Maybe you feel energized when you’re writing music. Maybe you sense the passion when you run or swim or speak your mind. Maybe you get worked up when you talk politics. Whatever your “thing” is, that passion helps keep you going. Sometimes you have to pump yourself full of coffee to trick your body into imitating that passion, but you can’t replace the real thing. That passion is what makes you, you.

You and I are most alive when we are passionate about something. Our brains speed up. We become more sensitive to our surroundings. Our emotions take an exit from “Average,” and we start to feel intensely. I think there’s a meaning behind this phenomenon.

We were hardwired for passion.

Not just momentary emotional highs.

Not short-lived bursts of inspiration.

You and I were created to have overall purpose etched into our lives. That purpose becomes a passion that-whether we always feel it or not-helps to guide our decisions and defines the way we live.

We’re meant to have a cause-a mission. There’s a reason for the “wildness in us.”

Though school, relationship drama, worries, and the general buzz of life can steal our attention away-we’re meant for more. Our wildness was created on purpose, an echo of our Creator. Call it a longing for forever in a world of what’s temporary; call it a cry to the heavens for some unbroken place to stand. We were created for God. While we may funnel our passion in other things-like school, friends, status, success, popularity, and daily worries-we were originally designed to funnel our passion to giving God glory.

We were made for more than a list of causes. We were made for One.

Some people who recognized their particular wildness allowed their lives to be changed, single-mindedly pouring all their passion into that single purpose.
One Scottish woman became so passionate about the Cause that she determined to share it with others. Amy Carmichael left home and traveled to India, where she worked to rescue orphan girls from sex slavery, long before sex trafficking became a widely publicized issue. She did not return to her homeland, but poured out her years helping children the world had forgotten. She’s buried in India where her adoptive children built a birdbath over her grave, to remember the beauty of her life
Remember you are not just wired , you are hardwired for Passion



One Response to “Wired for passion!”

  1. I feel you on this Funmi. Passion is the store house and the energizer. But if you wait till you feel the passion before you write every time then, you wont achieve much. I write on note books, papers as soon as i get some inspiration i save it for when i sit down to do a piece. I even record on my phone and that is passion at work.

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