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From Rejection to divine connection ! October 18, 2011

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In recent times have been willing to write but I never really got inspired until some days ago when somethings happened to me , if you are looking for someone who has been through both fire and rain please search no further I am the one you are looking for ,words cant quantify the amount of issues and equal amount of blessing siting as passengers in my BRT bus .

…Something in me has been willing to do more than I have been doing infact I caught newer dreams newer visions , so I thought I had so many things all planned up by myself and my funny brain , somehow I got slammed by failures so much that you will think I never made efforts to do better at all . awwwwwww failure hurts as if failure is not enough , rejection followed , haaaaa only me , and God whispered to me” blessed are those who rejected you and refuse to feature in your future because God will increase the size of their eyes to see how beautiful your future will be.”…….did I hear you say Amen !

In the midst of me trying to figure it all out and juggle it up , God straightened up some paths .Sometime ago I couldn’t sleep for about 2 days I was dead worried ,I woke up to pray and I prayed and prayed, then I woke up and I decided to face one of my greatest fear , I got up and took my car keys and raced off , somehow there has to been an end to all these drama ,but unfortunately I got more slams than I thought but my consolation is that maturity has made me to understand that as I walked out of the door raising my head up tall and high I had truthfully faced one of my greatest fears . Every slam I get on my feet adds to the no of hours I spend on my knees to get acceptance .The activities that followed on that same day made me marvel at the mightiness of God , I went to celebrate my pain , I had a good lunch , infact  I ate so quick you will think have just broken a 40days fast , after which I zoomed off to see a woman who I just thought was a woman for an interview for my radio show , but unfortunately I met a destiny Partner , someone who was a MAXI ME and I am MINI HER , Bola Nelson Esssien is  the best thing that could happen to me on the 15th of Oct this year . I got much more than the interview , one of the dreams God has been laying in my mind became more real and clearer .Meeting her was enough to wipe off the tears I cried earlier that day .The diary of a desperate naija woman has been a blessings to me , she told me You are created in God’s image , God made you complete , all you need to be the you God intended you to be is already inside of you, so you don’t need a MAN to make you whole ,there’s a MAN out there who is missing something , waiting for you to come into his life bringing along all of your Godly completeness . The Man who finds you has indeed found an A+ SELF ASSURED WOMAN , who is capable of adding value to his own life , when you get it , it is a beautiful thing like a Rainbow.

Am sure have heard these words in the past , but the fact that I was in a funny situation brought a sort of new meaning to these words , it was as if someone was piercing my heart with aboniki , awwwww these hurts , but so true. I looked inwards , I looked past my slams and rejection , I looked up and I said to myself I do better with my bads , I can do better with my mistakes , I didnt need to nurse it , curse it, rehearse it , I just have to disburse it so that God can reverse it . So I had a good pep talk and meeting with Me , I will go back on my knees , kneel before my God to know his mind .Its time to reposition treasure chest of possibilities .Because behold GOD WILL ALWAYS DO A NEW THING . I had to shake it off ,I discovered every major moves of God needs discernment , some hoouses are not for me , so I shouldnt get depressed if am rejected , because its a sign that it is not my place ,I also need to strive not to pour myself into things that are wasted or places that dont have the capacity to contain me .

You see there lies a large well of greatness locked up within you , no matter how you get rejected you have to keep trying , because if its from God , he will bring it to pass . No man has the right to control your life or mind except God your maker . When God brings the right people your way it will stir up somethings in you . I have come this far , I have travelled through routes of trials , tribulations , rejection , suprises , but I keep landing on bustops full of blessings . Sooner or later the stammerer will speak clearly . All not some , but all will be well .



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