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…life, the way i see it and what i learn from it!

About Charmingff July 13, 2009

I am a young lady who has a heart after GOD , who has a voice to be heard , my Blog is all about life , the way I see it,  and what I learn from it .I work as a Satellite Capacity/Txp planning Engineer for a Telecoms Company ,Am a  member of  Eagles Toastmasters International Org , I also anchor a 1 hour radio programme  “EVE THE WOMAN” on Eko-89.75fm , 11.10AM-12PM every Saturday.I intend to start a NGO very soon that will cater for youths/women with unwanted pregnancies so as to reduce the risk of abortion .

One decision that has made a tremendous difference in my life is that I had to create an incredible pleasure in learning and writing  , I realized that discovering ideas and strategies that could help me to shape my behavior,  and emotions will give me virtually everything I want in life .

Writing provided me with something to give , the opportunity to truly contribute something of value to all those around me , it offered me a sense of joy and fulfillment , at the same time  I  discovered the joy in sharing what I  have learned in a passionate way .I believe  what I share can help to increase people’s quality of life and also make my life purpose evolve ,I intend to keep writing for as long as I get the opportunity and  request for books , magazines and Journals.


23 Responses to “About Charmingff”

  1. abisola abass Says:

    hum my friend funmi,i really do admire u,guess we all have different talents and passions in life.keep it up.u’re appreciated by the way u didnt tell me u had started ur radio prog,wish u all the best dear

  2. Wale Smatt Says:

    …..mmmmhhh. You are simply You. KIU

  3. James Adegoke Says:

    Im very proud of u. Keep this up.

  4. girl keep it up if u need my help in any way u can alway call on me

  5. Mide Says:

    I pray to God to open your eyes to see beyond this great talent and idea of yours… you will get there.

  6. Josephine Says:

    love ur blog.keep it up .

  7. adeniyi adeyemi Says:

    discovering your life’s purpose is what our life is all about ,unfortunately,just a few of us get to make that discovery before we leave this planet,you are one of that few.be blessed.

  8. seyi Akinde Says:

    This brilliant , for a very long i have always tell people that the world is a stage, you have to write your own story, we have no business believing in negative , the world is full of naa sayer those who now all the reason why things will not work for you
    but you have no business believing in what they say or feel,

    bec you are the only one who know the reason why what you do must work before you stop.

    i love passionate people who have made a personal commitment to affect their generation , just the way i made this commitment 5 years ago.

    i want to tell you this funmi, you will do well in life , dont stop and keep the fire burning……..

    Seyi Akinde

    • charmingff Says:

      Hey Seyi , thanks so much , I really appreciate your sincerity ,am so honored and humbled , Soon we will be reading your books , I must say u r even more of a greater person than I am , God bless you for the good comments , we will all rise up , up to the top , see you there friend , cheers

      • stephen abaimu Says:

        i am just getting to read and get to know some 411 about and am reaaly amazed. amazed of d gift and humility u display…weldone Miss charming!
        becos a mans gift will make a way at all times, u r bound to know what to do by time becos u have d gift and u have d source…GOD.
        stay gr8.

      • charmingff Says:

        Thank you so much for stopping by , thanks for the words of encouragement , God wont let you down amen , best regards

  9. toyin folarin Says:

    really, i dint know we still have women, whose hearts burn for God dis much, like yours do. ’em impressed ma’am … God bless you … I’ll come around your blog more often … teey

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks so much Toyin , I feel very honored , life is nothing without being what God really wants you to be , keep checking up on moi from time to time , cheers

  10. Funmilola Akinleye Says:

    Sake mi, your blog is captivating! I don’t think I ever told you this when we were in school but you are one of the very people I respected back then. You had such a large heart and I bet you still do! I’ll never forget the day you took me home to my guardian when I wasn’t feeling fine when we were in JSS3…..you probably don’t remember that but I’ll always do. I also have a passion for writing which is another thing we have in commom asides our names.I believe in you and I know you are headed for the top. Go girlfriend!

    • charmingff Says:

      thanks girl , my head is swelling oh , i cant even remember , please oh try and write as often as you can , please its a very good skill , moreso , hope you are good and doing great , God bless you for stopping by

  11. I thought I’d stop by just to take a quick look at your blog. Somehow, I expected it would be cool but I must say it’s uber cool! I’d add my voice to the many voices of encouragement and praise already here. Keep your head up and never take your eyes off the mark. Great work!

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