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Re-write your own scripts September 11, 2009

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It has been a very funny week , a unforgetable one to be precise , emotions running, jamming here and there , so funny , but I say to myself this too shall pass , I visualised  myself smiling someday soon . I went back to my bookshelf to dig out one of the books I had read before like 2 years ago , In Pursuit of Peace ,by Joyce Meyer . powerful book , I noticed I had unrest , I lacked peace , and I needed to get out of it , so I had to go in pursuit of peace , God gives peace.

peace 1

Dear Friends,Imagine the world you live in as a movie set, yes we do wrong thing but we also do right things “I realize that was the set which fit perfectly the character I’ve chosen to play, and the drama I’ve been choosing to enact.”

But now we should no longer be who we used to be , we should choose to be our most radiant self, dwelling at the highest level of our creative possibility.We need to manufacture the set, the drama, and our personality with  the power of our subconscious mind, because for me now I choose differently. My ego is no longer in charge, because I remember that God is. I remember I’m the child of a divine creator, and I choose to manifest the glory of God that is within me.”

peace hand

Now go rest, play, enjoy, improve, forgive and get ready — while your set’s being changed! And on the pages of your Life God will change your story


With love,



The 6th Sense August 13, 2009

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I thought this 6th sense will have to wait till its  of  popular demand , I had a chat with a friend and I got loads of wrong guesses as to what the 6th sense is, Its a good morning  and I feel beautiful from the inside out , though things have been a bit rough ,one virtue am learning and doing is Patience ,I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I slept alone and I woke up alone and I still cant phantom the logic behind this except for Psalm3 vrs 5 .And I thought

  • What if, God stopped loving and caring for us?
  • What if God decided to stop leading us tomorrow because we didn’t follow Him today?
  • What  if, God would not hear us today because we would  not listen to Him?
  • What if, God met our needs the way we give Him  our lives???
  • What if God couldn’t take the time to bless us today because  we couldn’t take the time to thank Him yesterday?

And it was What if ? What if ? till I fell asleep again to wake up this morning and here I am sharing with you the 6TH and  uncommon sense which is the sense of PRAISING

praise 2

The dictionary says praise originally meant to set a price on or appraise. The dictionary gives meanings of: to commend the worth of; express approval or admiration of, to laud the glory of (God, etc.), as in song; glorify; extol.Praise is a natural response to God which happens as a result of knowing God. The Bible is filled with references to praising God. Praise must be expressed with words. Worship can be expressed by words or actions.

Who do we praise ? because let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Why do we praise ? Because God deserves praise

From the very dawn of time, the experience of mankind in their relationship with God has been one of thanksgiving. The creation of the world and mankind was an act of love and self-giving from God which was conditional on one thing alone – that man thankfully return that love. God gave us life and love and in return, we chose death and thanklessness. He, however, refused to give up. Despite our selfish desire to live as if God did not exist, He kept returning to us again and again, as a jilted lover to His beloved.here are many things for which we should give thanks. We live in a great land, we have the freedom to say and do what  we wish,We have many THINGS indeed.Let’s celebrate each Day giving PRAISE for what is proper and remember that it does not end there, but continues forever. Those who are alive  are the ones Praising and thanking Him. Those who are dead are not interested in PRAISE and thanks.

praise 1

The strange thing about all of this is that we are walking, talking, breathing, and existing, and yet, some of us are already dead. So today,  pause for a special moment of thanks, I’m realizing how much of my prayer life focuses on things that concern me, directly or indirectly. Not every prayer request or praise is made for my benefit, but they tend to be requests and praises for things that are factors in my own life—health, weather, forgiveness, family matters, world issues that concern me.it is certainly good to praise God for the ways he acts in our lives—but how easy it is to unconsciously restrict our praise to the attributes that appeal to us or impact us in some way!

God has wired us to respond with praise to things that amaze and overwhelm us and that is why I term it the 6TH and UNCOMMON SENSE If that joyful feeling is absent from our  lives, I suggest we spend  time in quiet contemplation of God’s attributes—and not just the ones that benefit us personally!

  • if you don’t Praise God for being a Nigerian maybe you will praise him when you are an Eskimo
  • if you don’t praise God for your other 5 senses maybe you will  praise him when you have a down syndrome
  • if you don’t praise him in the morning when you wake up maybe you will praise him in the night when you have an accident and your leg is to be amputated
  • if you don’t praise him in the day maybe you will praise him when you cant see the night

sometimes we never feel the essence of life, sometimes we never feel somethings can happen to us, sometimes we just live life without a thought of where we started and where we would end, sometimes we just never face the truth sometimes…………we just wont PRAISE God for Then to see  NOW,  and for a then to be here for you will there

let  this 6th and uncommon sense flow through your veins like your blood , I know its not easy , life is full of ups and downs , melt and crashed down economy , but remember you are pressed but not crushed , you are persecuted but not abandoned , stormed down but not destroyed, when everything else fails , when all the 5 senses refuse to work remember apply the 6Th and uncommon sense PRAISE !!!

do you agree/disagree  that the act of PRAISING is the 6th and uncommon sense, drop your comments ………

Ain’t a brag

love you still



MY QUEST SERIES August 7, 2009

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As I got to work this morning I made myself a cup of coffee , I took turns to read different blogs , I subscribed to a lot of blogs because am a blogger and I have kept discovering ways of becoming a better blogger day in day out , more-so this has to do with my quest for knowledge about  LIFE , everything about life .Really have been having a  nice time with myself and I see myself getting sweeter and sweeter everyday(lol).In the past one year have touch the depth of ME .

I use myself as example all the time because I desire to share my experiences and the lessons I learnt from it , I also dont want to limit my SHARING to my experiences and that is one of the reasons why I read , and listen .

I wake up every morning and the first thing that comes out of my mouth is GOOD MORNING JESUS , THANK YOU LORD , this have been doing for a long time , in my house it is forbidden for you to wake up and not say your  prayers , so even when I cant settle down to say the prayers , I do it while bathing or doing my activities , I sing and listen to sermons already stored on my phone ,this has become part of me with time .When I get to work I commit the day into the hands of God and sanctify my office,  I turn on my System  to listen to JOYCE MEYER ,now this is the real devotion , this woman is my mentor and I can say I have gained a lot from her life , now I make sure I listen to her pod-cast like everyday over and over ,I subscribed for her  monthly magazine, video et .al , this is because I want to learn , I want to know GOD more improve my pattern of living , I desire to become a BETTER ME , FRIEND , SISTER , MOTHER , CO-WORKER , SPEAKER ,WRITER WIFE my list is endless .


In my quest to become a GOOD  CHRISTAIN , I read my bible to pattern my life according to the word of GOD , which is the lamb unto my feet and the light unto every path I thread , I also subscribe to some  daily devotionals on-line, trust me I cant afford my steps not to be ordered by God , have been through so much to want to live my life all by myself , so I allow him run the show  , he knows better .There is power in the word ,when I was in the secondary school I was a serious bible scholar I  read and cram the bible and it helped to increase my level of assimilation , I was the best in my class , I was just unbeatable but when I entered the UNI my zeal dropped and I payed for it dearly , this is my testimony . So if you want to become THE BEST YOU , TRY GOD NOW! NOW! and stay GLUED


In my Quest to discover my PURPOSE and VISION,  I listen to JOYCEMEYER /MYLES MONROE, PAULA WHITE  /TD JAKES etc , I want to simplify my life and live a fulfilled life by GOD’S grace , I want to become a sweeter ME ,I want to give  pure /unadulterated love , I notice I was lacking  some attributes like last year , then I decided to take the bull by the horns , I became the leader of  a GROUP in my church and  I had to show love whether  I like it or not ,then I began to Love by force till it became part of me God knows these people cant wish for a better leader , I also had some funny habits that I had to drop , I learnt to naturally take things easy , life is beautiful and simple , why get too much and keep it when there is so much to give , Now I know better , Get mentors,  Good mentors  are inevitable.


In my Quest to pursue to childhood PASSION  , I had to look for people who are successful in that field , I love to talk not just say anything but make good sence, I want to help people , I long to see people’s dreams come to reality while am on my way to where I wanna be,  I joined TOASTMASTERS International Org to become a competent communicator , I notice there are rules / laws guiding communication and I need to learn and practice , I picked Oprah , watch Ellen , watch Tyra , I want to be on air I went to the radio station hanged around announcers , watch them , practice and now I not the best but I can do it .You need to surround yourself with the people who are doing well in your field , if you have a dream , you need to watch and see , and read about People who have done it better and with time your own ideas will begin to flow .


In my Quest to become  a WIFE, which is every ladies dream , I know marriage is a very controversial issue , people have their opinions , people have both good and bad experiences ,  MARRIAGE has become a topic that we cant but discus , I took up 2 people with successful marriages and I kept very close relationship with them , I want to enjoy my marriage I don’t want to live in HELL(BAD MARRIAGE) , I bought books , I learnt how to COOK different type of dishes , I search for materials on-line , I attend seminars ,  I have a good idea of what I want in mind and once I see it I’ll go for it , once I have the WILL , God will make the way , I don’t want to be found wanting in that institution when I enter it , I want the MAN to be ,  meet me prepared , My mind is open to new ideas ,I have my pen and paper alert all the time, once I learn or reason out a new thing I write it out  because I want to do what I WRITE , Do you feel you should be a better spouse? Watch faithful, loving spouses in action, and never, never concentrate on the ones who aren’t good. They don’t even apply here in any way. 


In my quest to become a better (PROFESSIONAL)SAT/TXP Engineer , I had to study  beyond what I do everyday, I paid to write some professional exams and I have not stopped , this Job foots my daily bills , and I have to do my best to keep it  ,  I work in a male dominated industry and as a lady you really to prove yourself to be relevant , I am even looking beyond what I do now and that is the reason why I said I need a change ,  I have been making moves writing exams that will finally land me in my destination , I know change will come because am prepared for it .

                                          change the world

there is something inside of us all that in the midnight hour behind close doors when no one is there and you’ve got so much and you might even be tempted to give up , but you have to look inside of you and make the decision to either give UP or go ON , I intend to continue this QUEST SERIES , to share real life experiences with you, life the way I see it and what I learn from it .

You want to be great, start imagining what it feels like to be great. Every week come up with something to incorporate into your new “self”. Watch as your new “self” grows and becomes better every day, be determined , diligent and daring .

for joyce

love you



MIRACLES May 20, 2008

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U must look 2ru d “eyes of faith” & start seein urself as heavn sees U – happy, healthy, & whole. Dt means dt evn whn ur situation looks bleak, whn u’re temptd 2b discourgd or deprssd, u must encourg urslf by prayn, “God, I know dt U r in control, & evn tho ds look impossibl, I know 2day cld be d day things turn arnd. 2day cld b d day U restore my marriage. Ds cld be d day U bring my life partner. 2day may b d day my business begins 2 prospr exponentially. Ds cld be d day i see my miracle.” Then kip believn & watchn 4 those thngs com 2 fruition in ur life. U must mak a conscious decision, an act of ur will, 2 maintain an attitude of expectancy & kip ur mind filld wif hope (Phil.1:20) For this cld be d day U see ur miracle!

This Was What My Father Told Me: A Stone is Enough to Break a Glass…… One Sentence is Enough to Break a Heart…… One Second is Enough to Fall in Love…… and One Misunderstanding is Sufficient to Break Friendship. Friendship is the Rainbow Between two Hearts, sharing 7 Characters…. First i like u, then i loved u. Now i’m afraid to lose u


When you loose , "dont freak out " March 26, 2008

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Just yesterday on my way home , I got a text and it was not shocking but I concluded instead of feeling downcast , I’ll rather get on my knees .
When you lose what you love you go through five stages:

(1) Denial – “No, it can’t be happening.”

(2) Anger – “God, why are You permitting this?”

(3) Bargaining – “Please make it go away.”

(4) Depression – Silence and withdrawal.

(5) Acceptance – “Not my will but Yours be done.”
Whether it’s the loss of a child, a marriage, a job, your health, love (your guy /babe ) when you turn to God He’ll give you the grace to embrace it, grieve it, express it, release it, and go on to become stronger. Sometimes we seek quick relief by releasing it before we’ve gone through these stages. That’s because we fear the process. We’ve been taught that any show of emotion is a show of weakness, so we stuff it. But we only stuff it into our emotional rubbish bin, then spend all our time and energy sitting on the lid, trying to keep the contents from spilling out. It’s knowing and embracing the truth, including its painful aspects, that sets you free , but how many of us can allow ourselves to go through this process .
We must be willing to forgive. But until we come to grips with the enormity of we rush to forgive, we forgive only in part and we’re released only in part.
Are we running from pain today? Are we trading it in prematurely for some other feeling? That’s not God’s way , we will weep and mourn… but [eventually] our grief will turn to joy… and no one will take [it] away”. Oh God I cant wait .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GETTING HOOKED March 10, 2008

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Its been two weeks now and the topic of the sermon in my church has been about marriage , lol . Two is beter than One , so they say , but really when do people start to think about marriage? How come some marry early and some late. People blame a lot of factors , ecomonic , financial , family background , etc oh less I forget some even say “no Mr /Miss RIGHT “.
Due to economic factors a lot of Africans dont marry early , the man /guy in question must be able to take care of his wife or they must must be able to pull their resources together to better their lot, all these are ranging from average level of income to be able take care and feed the supposed family , even the lady has a good/large impact to make , some guys must just have EVERYTHING before they start thinking about marriage , as for ladies once the guy is ready they are ready , but ladies like comfort , so their guy must be a sure one .
Having said the few above , the main thing that bothers me is Who is this guy /babe that is right , meaning how do u know the right person for you . ……………….?
Some ladies /guys have a picture of who they want and at the end of the day they fall short of standard because they are running late , remember the female clock clicks faster then the male clock . For the female from like 24years you are expected to have a serious relationship so that maximum by 27 you can get married and have your kids before you are 30 years , hmmmmmm!!!!! good plan , but at times the reverse is the case but why ? why ? i just wonder , but when a guy is like 27-30 he starts to look for younger babes like 22-24 , so what happens to the 27-30 years and above ladies. Some get hurt even at the verge of saying I do and that ends it , then they shut the door of their hearts .

One thing is only God understands how he plans it , I wish we can know our future partners right from the day we are born so we dont keep trying out things that are not meant to be .Some even avoid mistalkes but still make worse at the end of the day. I can go on and on but how long will I continue to plunder and wonder . Oh Lord help!!!!!!!
I pray thee lord none of us will miss it , you and I , whoever it is will come , male /female , because you and me is the right person for someone , so it pays to get it right , so in the quest for a search we’ll be the right and best person for the right and best person and what you/me are looking for will look for you /me

Call me when the wedding bells starts to ring , I’ll surely rejoice with you

love you .