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…life, the way i see it and what i learn from it!

My world August 17, 2009


I know that It’s so hard to change
When we are captive to ourselves
Always thirsty for something else
But free or enslaved
We are sons, we are daughters
Called out by the Father’s name

So take the fire and let it burn
Unleash the voice inside
‘Cause everyone needs to be heard

Beyond skin deep
There’s so much more to see
Our hopes, our dreams designed with destiny
We were fashioned with passion
A burning desire to know the One who made us more
He made us more than skin deep
‘Cause we are more, So much more

We are more than the future
We are more than the past
We were made to bring glory
Given souls that will last
We were brought by His blood
And from ourselves we’ve been saved


3 Responses to “My world”

  1. Charming ff

    I am triping ooo. I love this blog, will develop my cake blog to this perfection, pls send me some hints, I need to navigate wordpress verywell.


  2. adeniyi adeyemi Says:

    this is absolutely beautiful,keep it up sister.

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