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Pretty Woman?not really September 23, 2010

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Looking around me I sometimes wonder what people are thinking. I’m thinking about  my program on radio , my job , my dreams , things I desire to own , and God . I have 2 piercing on my ears . So I am the last person to tell you not to do it. But please think about it before you do it.

I see a lot of young girls with tattoo’s that make them look slutty. Very young girls wearing low-cute shirts showing half of their breasts with a tattoo on one of both breasts.
A person has a tattoo for his or her own reasons but most of the times he/she wants to be able to show it to the world. A tattoo on the breast automatically lets the spectator look at the breasts.

For some reason a lot of  we  girls also act the part. I mean the part that we want to be seen , either the short play or  the slut part. Just to be liked and to be part of the group. To be noticed and sought after .

Now back to tattoo’s and piercings. What is sexy and what is slutty?? Just remember this is my opinion, but then I  dont know

Nipple piercings. Now those are sexy. It’s a sexy pleasant surprise if the bra comes of and there is a little jewel. Of course not if everybody has seen it. Tattoo’s on the breasts are not good.Lets put it like this. All the parts of the female body that’s forbidden for just any guy to see, stare at or touch. That means breasts, ass, and crouch area.

 Tattoo’s on the lower back are very common now. They could be sexy depending on the design. Tattoo’s on the belly aren’t slutty, but aren’t sexy either. I think they are just weird

Basically what I’m saying is, think about what you are doing, if you put a tattoo and what kind of message it send out to the rest of us. It’s not like you can remove it anytime you want.

All you do , just be modest , Tatoos , Piercing its all your choice

love you still



Allow YOU please ……………. September 6, 2010

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Yes where is your mind , where has mine been too , sure if you follow my blogging trend you would think , my mind went on vacation , well its good to give your mind a vacation , and let go of you , remove the attention off yourself and let your self be .

You need to be vulnerable at times , there is no sin in being vulnerable , let people know you don’t know and above all let God know you don’t know , so that he can help you , leave people who think they can take you for granted , anyone who wants to deceive you will first deceive him or herself .

My vacation was fabulous , I had fun , but then I went for a training ,  we were  to take tea /coffee every morning , I preferred coffee , because it  keeps me awake , so for like 4-days I carried my tea-cup very hot , not until one of the trainees a guy from Kenya , noticed how I carried my tea-cup and laughed at me , I laughed while he laughed and for once he was very surprised and impressed that , there ‘s a lady who doesn’t mind being laughed at . He then corrected me that the cup actually has a hidden handle , which he showed me and from that day on , I carried coffee cup with the handle  , I took to correction , I laughed at my ignorance , there is nothing to be shy about , I want to learn , am open to new ideas .

The Kenya guy made a statement on this faithful day , he said “Men pay attention to details , but women pay attention to fashion ”  guess what ?I didn’t have to argue , I gave him an agreeable nod , but I had to go back and ruminate on this statement . Because it is true  , most Ladies pay attention to how they look , Babes want to look fabulous ,every  mirror is a friend , but there are other details in life , there is more to this life than we can see .To become a successful leader you need to pay attention to even the slightest details .The things you might over look might cause you a life time to get again , be observant  , don’t just look but see.

Another thing is what are you doing to make someone else’s life better , you don’t have to be perfect to do that , get your mind right and help people , it musn’t be all about ME, ME , ME , because there’s going to be a time , this people will move for you . Hence note that your  Vulnerablity is not  for you, or people it’s for God Stop showing yourself strong , you can be hurt , and it can get really Bad 

In conclusion,  in life you need to learn how to carefully  choose your battles , don’t fight the wrong person because you need that energy to fight the right person ,  It’s not easy to live life the way you want it , even when you are willing , something about you might be stopping you , we are our own greatest enemies especially when it comes to issue of success , we just wont do something because we CAN and CANT .It could be hard ,but it’s not going to be like that forever

Allow yourself to go THROUGH  , to come TO , the development you get during trials and pressure is the best

Let your pretty self off the hook

Am your most fabulous Fan



Nobody is a nobody July 23, 2010

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I didn’t want to write , but I had to forward  my blog link to a Magazine company , and I decided to drop these few lines , It’s exactly one week after the Creative Career fair , It was a very nice initiative by some top shots in the entertainment industry ,it was a collection of stars , students trooping in , people from all works of life , It beats my imagination to see a good number of youths who want to associate with the entertainment industry , students taking notes , all forms of sessions , acting ,tv/radio presentation , PR media and Advertising and the least is endless .

I took my time to listen to very interesting stories by most of the Stars that came , but then on retiring back to my room , I had a recap of activities , Nigerians are talented , People just want do something with their talent , I remembered the large crowd that queued up infront of Nigezie stand when they called for auditioning , who doesn’t want to show on Tv ? I remembered a young man named Tolu one of the most talented writer in Nigeria today , a pharmacist turned writer , there was another Biochemist turned writer , and this means, irrespective of your course of study in the university , you can be whatever you want to be .There were loads of  opportunities flying in the air like spiders , you could smell how badly people want to be connected .

Being creative is a great deal , then another thing is to take the step to develop yourself , then you can be an Entrepenuer by just bringing your ideas into play .Initiate and Implement good ideas , Ideas rule the world

Anyway am excited am back on air , 11am-12pm every Saturday on ” Eve the Woman” , that’s like the most exciting thing happening to me right now apart from some other blessings hanging around me by the way.

God is good and great ,he is a creative God , he has a huge sense of Humor ,Nobody is a nobody God doesn’t make mistakes Nobody ever takes the place that doesn’t exist in grace,Don’t be ashamed for God has arranged you
Worth more than a billionaire exclusively engineered.God doesn’t make mistakes

Vacation on my mind ………………………………later gist

Love you still



Be da Real Deal June 25, 2010

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Be the real deal To your family, friends and the society . Sure, people may know you. They may know about you. They may be aware of something fancy you did. That’s all fine and good. There’s nothing wrong with people thinking you are special, beautiful , nice, intelligent and the list is endless

But when you walk through the door to the place where you call home/church /school /office, do the people who know you think you hung the moon?

When you go visit your parents ,family members ,and friends ,do they smile when they see your face? When you kiss your spouse, do they know they are loved?

This year, one of my sisters went to school , I had no idea how unexplainable and unimaginable the love I’d have for her  would be. It is truly something that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

It doesn’t matter how many people read my blog. It doesn’t matter if someone thinks I’ve hung the moon because I extended forgiveness. It doesn’t matter if someone enjoys my company.

It doesn’t matter if I shared something with a friend /friends /colleagues  and they had an a-ha moment.

While I like that people read my blog and think I’m nice and enjoy my company and think that I have something important to say,

there is one thing that is more important. I want to be not just a big deal to them but the real deal

love You



Women Love Diamond June 14, 2010

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Diamonds are wonderful things. As women, we like them. Of course we do! They sparkle. They shine. They are valuable. No wonder they are called our best friend.

Diamonds are beautiful and when we are the  women God intended us to be, we can be beautiful too. We can sparkle and we can shine. Diamonds don’t start out beautiful. They come from deep in the earth. It’s just like when we come to Christ for salvation. We come from deep within the miry clay of sin.

One of the characteristics of a diamond is its clarity. That involves whether there is the presence of any impurities or inclusions in the diamond. Depending on its visibility, the grade of a diamond will go up or down.As women impurities  like abuse , secrets , mistakes , pain and a host of others s  bring us down and make us feel bad , Others may not even see our impurities  because it may not be visible with the naked eye, but remember that God can see our hearts. He knows what the scale of our clarity is.

You need to know that Diamonds don’t automatically shine and sparkle. Diamonds that are uncut are rough and aren’t like the diamonds we wear in our jewelry. Only the cut diamonds sparkle. A diamond has to be cut by someone who is skilled in diamond cutting for it to sparkle and reflect light. Only the cut  women  can sparkle too. We as women  have to be cut by our Master Designer in order to sparkle and reflect they way we should .

check out my definition for DIAMOND

D- Delight In The Lord

I- Increase In Love

M- Minister To Others

O- Obey God’s Word

N- Never Give Up

D- Die To Self

So, how well do you sparkle? May we reflect His light to the maximum in our lives.

Much love siters



And they say “I DO “ May 7, 2010

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I performed as the Master of a wedding ceremony(MC ) just this saturday , It was all fun, looking radiant and Pinky .I had met with the groom 2 days before the D day and he seemed very excited and happy , we shared some stories , he told me how he met his wife and told me his present challenges now that it’s just 2 days to his wedding . Righthere in the fast food joint , I gazed into his eyes , I saw someone who was happy to say I DO , and can’t just wait to be married , I asked him some questions  that would aid me as the MC .

After my programme on saturday ,I got to the venue of the wedding , all was set , everyone looking bright and sharp , I anchored , the Bride was pretty , they where so into each  other , nice site and they would live happily ever after .

I got home and had a re-cap of all that has happened , wish I  could have done more as  the MC , I know I didn’t put up my best show ,ideas  started to flow and I know my next show is going to be better . I sat on  my bed , a book  caught my fancy , book by TD JAKES titled BEFORE YOU DO , my sister had finished reading , I settled down to read ,Yes marriage ! , Yes wedding ! I want to know the outrageous implications of marriage ,Marriage is taken so lightly now that people think they are shopping for a new item , he said he told some guy who wanted to marry his daughter  and I quote

I hope you see not only the face of your sweetie pie , but the face of someone you will live and wake up  to next for the rest of your life , this person you will watch age alongside you , this is the person you will run to when life seems cold and pains are unbearable , this is the person of your best choice , the one you choose a weapon or an artist in her medium , he /she is your weapon of choice when you fight layoffs , mounting bills , pressure , and unimaginable challenge , this is the person with whom you birth new life together , And it may be the person you have to look at when you have to bury one another prematurely , this is the person you’ll see when you convulse with aches and pains of disease and injury ,the only person who is with you after you and God .

After reading some chapters I was teary eyed , I mean to say I shed tears , I know am going to finish the book very soon , but have gained so much , I realised fortunes have been gained and lost , marriages mended and torn , children born and buried , life’s chattered , because of Marital decisions

Like watching a movie of myself , in an Olympic medal , Oscar-winning performance I began to perform a mental dress rehearsal to prepare for the actuality of this day , Someday its gonna come , but before then , whats going to happen , I wish I had read this book a long time ago , but come to think of it a lot of people already said I DO not without a fore-knowledge , Lord help me , Many people know all of these  information and still struggle .While we often think we are looking for a female/Male  version of ourselves , more often than not , we typically end up with someone who is much like us , as water is like vodka  ,In the marriage ceremony , the officiate declares ” I now pronounce you man and wife”, but isn’t it funny that something so important could be said so quickly then take the next years to materialize into its fullest capacity

Today many married people are like slaves who jumped off the boat before it landed , imagine the fear and anxiety that made them make decisions , some are Good choices , some are not God choices (LORD HAVE MERCY) some know how to work it out , some don’t know how to work it out , some can live without their spouse , some can live without them ,

One thing I know is the more I wait the more I learn and get prepared ,I need to create in myself an openness to change and an unstanding that much correction will be needed for what 2 people shall face together , I need to make this attitude my charter for how I will operate in my new country of  togetherness .

There is a lot to know before you say I do , there is more to learn after saying I do , there is no Fear in saying I do , eventually very soon you would have DONE IT , and then you have to make it work  ,For some its a bed of roses , for some thorns , but its all in what we make it , don’t make it all about you , make it all about God helps us

The most important of life’s battle is the one we fight daily in the silent chambers of our soul ,

I lay it down at your feet oh Lord , treat this case its yours .

love you always



Life in a Fishbowl April 26, 2010

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Life in a Fishbowl I love my life. I really do. I love it so much I want to share it with you. Let me begin by greeting you, for greetings are important in Yoruba culture. You are most welcome! Welcome to a glimpse of life here: its joys, its challenges, its heartaches, and its triumphs. Welcome to where I live — a place called My world in the WORLD  . It is the best place I ever expected to find myself.

I am a young determined  lady at heart.  . Of recent I had flashbacks to mafia movies from the 1980s. If I was not learning anything else here in my world , I was learning to talk to God before doing anything — to find out His take on it, because He is always right and knows way more than I do!