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MIRACLES May 20, 2008

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U must look 2ru d “eyes of faith” & start seein urself as heavn sees U – happy, healthy, & whole. Dt means dt evn whn ur situation looks bleak, whn u’re temptd 2b discourgd or deprssd, u must encourg urslf by prayn, “God, I know dt U r in control, & evn tho ds look impossibl, I know 2day cld be d day things turn arnd. 2day cld b d day U restore my marriage. Ds cld be d day U bring my life partner. 2day may b d day my business begins 2 prospr exponentially. Ds cld be d day i see my miracle.” Then kip believn & watchn 4 those thngs com 2 fruition in ur life. U must mak a conscious decision, an act of ur will, 2 maintain an attitude of expectancy & kip ur mind filld wif hope (Phil.1:20) For this cld be d day U see ur miracle!

This Was What My Father Told Me: A Stone is Enough to Break a Glass…… One Sentence is Enough to Break a Heart…… One Second is Enough to Fall in Love…… and One Misunderstanding is Sufficient to Break Friendship. Friendship is the Rainbow Between two Hearts, sharing 7 Characters…. First i like u, then i loved u. Now i’m afraid to lose u


When you loose , "dont freak out " March 26, 2008

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Just yesterday on my way home , I got a text and it was not shocking but I concluded instead of feeling downcast , I’ll rather get on my knees .
When you lose what you love you go through five stages:

(1) Denial – “No, it can’t be happening.”

(2) Anger – “God, why are You permitting this?”

(3) Bargaining – “Please make it go away.”

(4) Depression – Silence and withdrawal.

(5) Acceptance – “Not my will but Yours be done.”
Whether it’s the loss of a child, a marriage, a job, your health, love (your guy /babe ) when you turn to God He’ll give you the grace to embrace it, grieve it, express it, release it, and go on to become stronger. Sometimes we seek quick relief by releasing it before we’ve gone through these stages. That’s because we fear the process. We’ve been taught that any show of emotion is a show of weakness, so we stuff it. But we only stuff it into our emotional rubbish bin, then spend all our time and energy sitting on the lid, trying to keep the contents from spilling out. It’s knowing and embracing the truth, including its painful aspects, that sets you free , but how many of us can allow ourselves to go through this process .
We must be willing to forgive. But until we come to grips with the enormity of we rush to forgive, we forgive only in part and we’re released only in part.
Are we running from pain today? Are we trading it in prematurely for some other feeling? That’s not God’s way , we will weep and mourn… but [eventually] our grief will turn to joy… and no one will take [it] away”. Oh God I cant wait .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feel how you want to be treated March 25, 2008

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Hey , it was my birthday on the 21st of Marcb, great day is it ? I never thought the celebration will begin from the 20th , when my co-workers organised a very beautiful cake and gave me a suprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 , I was touched , the reason was because it was beyond my expectation , it wasnt too much of them but I was’nt expecting it.The main reason was because I didnt feel too special to be treated that way , morever the day after which was the D-day brought even more amazing suprises than the previous whao!!!!!!!!! people care , irrespective of how you know them ,I didnt feel I deserve so much calls and remmberance this year , because the previous year was dry , maybe if I have felt better I would have had more suprises , more gifts and all sorts , As a matter of fact we need to feel special about ourselves , what you feel determines how people respond towards you in terms of feelings , a verse in the bible says ,”thank you lord because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” that is the extend we need to feel about ourselves ,so WONDERFUL , a friend of mine gave me a long call that day, and I was narrating all thaT had happened and she was like, hey girl ! you are so speacial , I feel people love you so much and you dont know the extent which you have touched lives and I was marvelled , come to think of it I just met this Grlfriend of mine , if she feels this way how much more people I had known in the past.All of us need encouragement, and the beautiful part about encouragement is this: anybody can do it!”You might have been Harassed by demands and deadlines; bruised by worry, adversity and failure; broken by disillusionment and defeated by sin, they live somewhere between dull discouragement and sheer panic but, feel Good today because someone , somewhere , somehow cares , feel Good only you can trully make your self feel it



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At times I wonder why , do we loose things , OPPS !!!!!!!!! I hate looking for stuffs , its like suffering looking for something you have in your hands or at sight a minute/second ago , its even very funny that you might not see the stuff immediately although you need it urgently , then you see it much later when you dont need it again .
Many at times we misplace things that are valuable uknowningly like a Gold chain , or one leg of shoe ,at times you contemplate on getting a stuff probably then you don t have much , then the stuff gets misplaced a little while after thr acquisition .At times your stuff can fall in a muddy place of even inside the gutter unfortunately you might not be ableto pick it again , or if might get damaged when it falls .
A clearer picture of what am trying to say was a day I misplaced my purse in my friends car , she dropped me off and on retuning I have no money to God back Atm would have been my easiest way of getting money but it’s inmy purse , so another friend of mine , decided to loan me some money , I dropped by to see a friend who was hospitalised and all the while I kept the loaned money in mu pocket . I met two guys in the hospital who were goingmy way , we decided to leave together on getting to the car pack I discovered the loaned money was missing , whao !!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG , I almost freaked out , what? even the loaned money is missing so am left with nothing , I had to bury my pride and told the guys with me that I dont have anymoney on me ,God being so Good they told me not to worry , I was very downcast , they encouraged me and gave me some money which was beyond my expectation , when God is at work , he gives an avenue for praise , all Glory has to be returned and given to him despite all odds , .


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If i have a song for everyhear thats broken and everyone that can’t go on , for everychildhood dreams that has never been realised ,
if I have answers to everyquestions that lies in everyone’s mind ,if , if , if .
Really most of us use this word like everytime , some say if I was the presisdent I would do this and th at, some say if it was me , I would and I wouldnt , but alas the reason why we feel IF is because we have not been in some shoes some people are wearong presently now , and it could be IF I have done this or that , meaning a statement of regret, but when deeds are done and gone if they are unpalatable regrets sets in , mostly IF they are our mistakes , then we look back and say IF I had known. We live a life of ups and down some win some , some loose some , some win all , some loose all , only IF you are determined to run things and not let things run you , but at times its the other way round , only God has the answer to this .
My IF is IF I have wounded any soul today , IF I have forced some people to so astray , IF I have worked in my own willful way , dear Lord forgive .
Why IF ?


GETTING HOOKED March 10, 2008

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Its been two weeks now and the topic of the sermon in my church has been about marriage , lol . Two is beter than One , so they say , but really when do people start to think about marriage? How come some marry early and some late. People blame a lot of factors , ecomonic , financial , family background , etc oh less I forget some even say “no Mr /Miss RIGHT “.
Due to economic factors a lot of Africans dont marry early , the man /guy in question must be able to take care of his wife or they must must be able to pull their resources together to better their lot, all these are ranging from average level of income to be able take care and feed the supposed family , even the lady has a good/large impact to make , some guys must just have EVERYTHING before they start thinking about marriage , as for ladies once the guy is ready they are ready , but ladies like comfort , so their guy must be a sure one .
Having said the few above , the main thing that bothers me is Who is this guy /babe that is right , meaning how do u know the right person for you . ……………….?
Some ladies /guys have a picture of who they want and at the end of the day they fall short of standard because they are running late , remember the female clock clicks faster then the male clock . For the female from like 24years you are expected to have a serious relationship so that maximum by 27 you can get married and have your kids before you are 30 years , hmmmmmm!!!!! good plan , but at times the reverse is the case but why ? why ? i just wonder , but when a guy is like 27-30 he starts to look for younger babes like 22-24 , so what happens to the 27-30 years and above ladies. Some get hurt even at the verge of saying I do and that ends it , then they shut the door of their hearts .

One thing is only God understands how he plans it , I wish we can know our future partners right from the day we are born so we dont keep trying out things that are not meant to be .Some even avoid mistalkes but still make worse at the end of the day. I can go on and on but how long will I continue to plunder and wonder . Oh Lord help!!!!!!!
I pray thee lord none of us will miss it , you and I , whoever it is will come , male /female , because you and me is the right person for someone , so it pays to get it right , so in the quest for a search we’ll be the right and best person for the right and best person and what you/me are looking for will look for you /me

Call me when the wedding bells starts to ring , I’ll surely rejoice with you

love you .


Its another day’s journey March 7, 2008

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It’s another days journey. On my way to the office, I got like five text messages from my peeps. Good to know some people still have me in mind despite all odds. And as I switched on my system to start the todays work, turning on my media player, this song came to my mind “just like a prayer” by Madonna. There is this particular line of the song I like so much, it says “Life is a mystery everyone will stand alone”.

Really it is, just occurred to me that you are just alone, irrespective of whoever, whatever surrounds you, but the mystery is God is the only one who stays even when others are not physically present. Put your trust in him and He’ll settle you.

So today’s work has began. I have some link analysis to do, some clients need to be networked.


love u all