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…life, the way i see it and what i learn from it!


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this is something have been pondering about , what is a relationship ?
A relationship is normally viewed as a connection between two individuals, such as a romantic or intimate relationship, or a parent-child relationship. Individuals can also have relationships with groups of people, its about personal growth , people coming together to explore their diffrent worlds and areas of expertise and to transfer those worlds and expertise into themselves , if we dont undeerstand this we we will loose out on the best of relationships ,it needs to be built and nutured so even if the relation is no more in the relationship you would have learnt or gained something , our souls have different worlds , we dont go into the relationship to say this is what we are ,we go into it to explore the worlds of others and to grow and to develop as we interact with one another , hence we begin to learn more things about ourselves and develop ourselves to become a better person ,it is going into a new world then binding takes place.
So completetion is finding completetion inside of us,



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Hmm I thought I could really write everyday but , really have been reading instead of wrtiting , and while reading have been getting inspirations ,even a slight sound can get me inspired , have been learning as well , because if you want to do something well you have to learn from people who have done it perfectly , really have been busy or maybe , have been thinking , or rather have been tied up trying to build my passion , but I think my best is not good enough , really I can rate myself , and that is something everyone needs to do , tell yourself the truth about you , if you know you are doing well , give yourself a hug , pamper yourself , if you know you are doing otherwise retrace your steps , the painful thing is to know the truth and not do it , which is very possible , but one thing for sure is dont comdem yourself before God , dont go to God thinking he wont listen to you , probably because you have done something wrong and you know it, no one has a perfect life , you might be looking for it , but sure you CANNOT be perfect, so go to GOD like a child that you are , talk to him like your friend ,refrence him and draw him closer like a spouse .
OK yesterday was father’s day , and to all father’s and father’s to be , I pray you’ll find God’s light, And hold it in your hearts,God guide you with his grace to be a man that you are , a head/Leader that you should be , Its a Man’s world , hmmm ,did i just say that , but it revolves round we WOMEN …………

stay with me ………the voice needs to be heard